‘Hail The Empire’ by Satan’s Empire


  • Derek Lyon  / Vocals

  • Paul Lewis / Guitar

  • Sandy Mcritchie / Guitar

  • Wayne Hudson / Bass

  • Magpie / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Warriors

  • Secrets

  • Rivers Of Gehenna

  • Empire Rising

  • Hail The Empire

  • Storm On The Airwaves

  • Black

  • All Hallows Eve

  • Shadowmaker

  • New World

Satan’s Empire return with their second album entitled Hail The Empire, a fine return to form.

“Warriors,” kicks things off for the band, a duelling guitar motif that swirls around the listener and engulfs them in an interesting little dance. As the song progresses, it become steadily more apparent that the band are in fine form.

“Secrets,” is a real riff monster. A song that allows Satan’s Empire to explore their collective ability and produce a high quality masterpiece at the same time.

“Rivers of Gehenna,” snarls and crackles with energy. A song that brims with confidence and allows the vocals to truly take charge and show off what they’re capable of.

“Empire Rising,” is a heavy song. One which foretells the collective fate of the world as the new order comes to be. A song that allows each member of the band to show off their skills.

“Hail The Empire,” is simply phenomenal, a song that really grooves and powers through.

“Storm On The Airwaves,” is a loose canon, a song that fizzes with energy and defies convention.

“Black,” is a monster of a song. Satan’s Empire really let loose here, and ensure that the listener comes on the ride with them, wherever it may go.

“All Hallows Eve,” batters away, slowly chipping through the mettle and bringing the listener to an interesting time and space.

“Shadowmaker,” swerves and dances around. The guitars are perfectly suited for the melodies they weave, and the vocals soar and crescend together in an interesting manner. This is a song that is a must play for Satan’s Empire live show.

“New World,” is an epic finisher, a song that mixes with the old elements and brings something new to the table, ensuring that the listener knows where to turn and twist.

This gem of an album is out on 13th March via Dissonance Productions.