‘Passages’ by Zaac Pick


  • Zaac Pick  / Vocals


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Atmosphere

  • Dangerous

  • Strong Enough

  • Ladder To The Sun

  • Small Wonders

  • December

  • Play, Pause, Rewind

  • Lighter Side of Blue

“Atmosphere,” kicks things off. The vocals play the lead in this song, taking the listener and guiding them through a fascinating and intriguing story.

“Dangerous,” hits a nail and keeps on going, pushing through the extremities of the situation and demanding to be heard, slowing through the precipous and then leaning out.

“Strong Enough,” is slow and sombre, a song that breeds thoughtful reflection.

“Ladder To The Sun,” hits hard, a song that shimmies through, diverting energy and bringing together a low hanger.

“Small Wonders,” captures imagination and wonder. Driving the day through a thoughtful recollection of time and space.

“December,” slides into being and shimmies through the continuum.

“Play, Pause, Rewind,” hits in a unique manner, with Pick’s vocals really soaring through the tempest.

“Lighter Side of Blue,” ventures into the unknown.

The album is out now!