What inspired the name of the band? What are your influences and are they the same as when you started out?

I get a lot of my influence from other forms of art. I like reading books, trying to imagine the scene
in my head and finding appropriate music that will support it—the same thing when I walk around
a museum. I look at the paintings and sculptures and try to feel what the artist who made that
piece felt while making it.

Another thing that inspires me is walking. I enjoy the fresh air and the sound of the wind and
birds. The smell of flowers and the beautiful colors surrounds me.
This all helps me feel and imagine the right mood when I watch a scene for the first time, and I
need to fit original music to it that will enhance and evoke feelings and support the storyline and

How do you approach songwriting?

I try to stay versatile with my music. I like to explore different genres and to experiment as much
as I can while staying true to myself and have my own voice. I try to have a melancholic, organic
and atmospheric touch to all of my music. My latest work is an EP named “New World” that will
be released on July 30th. The EP explored the relationship of the piano and strings and was
influenced a lot by Evgeny Grinko and Ludovico Einaudi.

All my songs / tracks start with an idea (usually a melody) that evokes a certain emotion in me.
Afterwards I add some elements and develop the whole structure. And finally add some elements
to enhance my main idea.

Why do you write what you do?

As a film composer you need to stay versatile and unique. you have to be able to write every
style you are required to do. Every project is different and the person you work for has its own
vision on how the music needs to support it.

What plans do you have for the future?

I’m currently working on several soundtracks for films and collaborations with talented artists and
musicians. In addition, I’m planning to release a few more singles during August and September,
and hopefully, I can start working on a new album very soon! If you are interested in my work,
please follow me on social media and website to hear more about the album and other upcoming