‘Hostis Humanis Generis’ by Ye Banished Privateers


  • Magda Malvina Marlprim / Vocals and Guitarra

  • Bjron Malmros / Vocals and Accordion

  • Nobility / Vocals and Clavier

  • Eva The Navigator / Vocals and Fiddle

  • Scurvy Ben / Drums

  • Monkey Boy / Drums

  • Bloody Liz / Drums

  • Sara Landmark / Drums

  • Bojtikken / Drums

  • Freebird Af Waermaland / Fiddle and Vocals

  • Old Red / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • No Prey, No Pay

  • Hush Now My Child

  • Blame The Brits

  • Capstan Shanty

  • Elephant’s Dance

  • Swords To Plowshares

  • Flintlock

  • Parting Song

  • Rowing With One Hand

  • A Swinging We Must Go

  • They Are Marching Down On High Street

  • Death Of Bellows

  • Why The Big Whales Sing

“No Prey, No Pray,” comes in with the mighty wave and shows just what the band is about.

“Hush Now My Child,” goes in hard and fast.

“Mighty Wave”

“Blame The Brits,” takes a jaunt and saunters over.

“Captain Shanty,” rolls in hard and fast bringing together a variety of elements.

“Saunters Over”

“Elephant’s Dance,” gets the listener moving with the beat.

“Swords to Plowshares,” shares the story of transition and tells it in such a manner as to get the listener fully enthralled.


“Flintlock,” is hard.

“Parting Song,” hits you right in the feels.

“Right In The Feels”

“Rowing With One Hand,” takes a turn here and there. Slowly letting the listener in, before snapping shut.

“A Swinging We Must Go,” chops and changes, slowly working into overtime.

“Snapping Shut”

“They Are Marching Down The High Street,” canters into being. Slowly unleashing the storms of pride and lust.

“Death of Bellows,” pushes hard and fast.

“Why The Big Whales Sing,” shows off the scope of the band.

The album is out on 7th February via Napalm Records.