‘The Wonders Still Awaiting,” by Xandria


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Two Worlds,” slowly eases the listener in, a song that captivates and captures something deep within the spiritual being. A phenomenal opener.

“You Will Never Be Our God,” gets the melodies in early, twisting through the strategem of time and hinting and the darkness within the growing cacophony. An anthemic and snarling beast.

“Ghosts,” hits the battering ram hard. A song that turns through the growing chaotic urge and turns the ramparts into the sensational time of place. A song that hits all the right chordal arrangements.

“My Curse Is Redemption,” turns through, bringing something more to the edge of reason. A song that transcends the edge of time.

“Paradise,” turns through. Hitting the strand of time, slowly creating the creaking of chaos.

“Scars,” hits the thunderous edge. A song that never lets up and brings the boil to the everlasting temperance.

“Asteria,” shimmers through the growing edge, a song that turns through the whirlwind of time, leveraging the heart of the old.

The album is out now via Napalm Records.