‘So What!’ by X-Wild


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Can’t Tame The Wild,” kicks off proceedings. A song that turns from slow to bombastic at the flick of a switch, it intertwines with the plates of time and hits it off immediately.

“Scarred To The Bone,” roars into being, turning through and grating into the whirlwind.

“Sky Bolter,” rummages and turns, slashing the chord of time. It produces something impressive and almost terrifying, hinting at the woodstock and the pace of time.

“Kid Racer,” slams on hard, hitting everything in steps and two-fold.

“Freeway Devil,” soars and saunters into being. Hinting at the chaotic fringe of time, it brings something majestic and turnaround.

“Thousand Guns,” is filled with swagger.

The album is out on 1st April via ROAR