‘IV: Sacrament,’ by Wytch Hazel


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Fire’s Control,” starts off intriguing, the duel melody brings evocations and the melodies and rhythms take the song to a hire plain. The vocals are simply electric. A brilliantly done opener.

“Time and Doubt,” brings the bombast, turning the severed world into the majestic sphere. A song that cavorts and contorts, never stopping and never for a moment letting up.

“Deliver Us,” hits the strand, a song that turns through whisky edge and brings momentous carriage to the fore.

“A Thousand Years,” brings the breathing elements forward, rolling the thunderous tide and delivering the goods.

“Endless Battle,” rocks out hard. A driving riff leads the way and a seismic portion delivers the harmonies toward nirvana.

“Digging Deeper,” is a phenomenal closer. A song that takes the listener to a higher plain. Simply brilliant.

The album is out on 2nd June.