‘Blood and Iron’ by Wolftooth


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Ahab,” the slow building opener sets the scene perfectly for the band. A song that fits in crunching riffs, terrestrial melodies and something deeply primal within the inner workings of tide and time. A tenuorous grip on the madness of the whirlwind.

“Blood & Iron,” the title track is epic. Simply put, shimmering through the taut world of time and space. It brings together eclectic melodies and fuzz. A song that creeps into the fabric of time.

“Broken Sword,” creaks and creeps along the settled tide of time. A song that delivers in oomph.

“Winter White,” turns on the tide. A song that flitters and flatters, and delves deep within the inner turmoil of man.

“The Mare,” is a riff sandwich. Creeping into oblivion as surely as the sun doth rise, a madman magicking through the shuttered pavilion of the mind.

The album is out on 3rd December via Napalm Records.