‘Wolves Of Karelia’ by Wolfheart


  • Tuomas Saukkonen / Vocals and Guitar

  • Joonas Kauppinen / Drums

  • Vagelis Karzis / Guitar

  • Lauri Silvonen / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Hail Of Steel

  • Horizon On Fire

  • Reaper

  • The Hammer

  • Eye Of The Storm

  • Born From Fire

  • Arrows Of Chaos

  • Ashes

“Hail Of Steel,”kicks off this new album with a strong showing. The guitars and the organ work in synchronisation to deliver a song that is filled with life and verve. A song that will no doubt get crowds singing along to it when performed live.

“Horizon Of Fire,” delivers a hammer blow from the beginning. A song that takes no prisoners and does not allow for anyone or anything to get in its way.

“Reaper,” batters the doors down in one single, fluid motion and gets everything going in one singular gesture.

“The Hammer,” is beautiful. A song that roars into being and demands to be heard. The guitars and instrumentation are fully on point whilst the vocals snap into being.

“Eye Of The Storm,” works things into being, presenting a twisting of the time screw.

“Born From Fire,” roars into being. A song that is sure to get everyone’s blood pumping the longer it goes on for. And a song that delivers everything it promises.

“Arrows of Chaos,” snaps through the line, delivering a stark contrast to what has come before and what comes after.

“Ashes,” lights up the world and delivers the poisonous shadows from the night.

The album is out on 10th April via Napalm Records.