‘Angel Of Death’ by Witch Cross


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Angel Of Death,” is filled with swagger. A song that turns through and breathes life into the album. It captures the imagination and soars into being. A song that truly hits the sky running.

“Evil Eye,” another song with some serious groove. It hits the turn and keeps pushing, never stopping, even for a moment. It runs through and hammers the point home with addictive melodies.

“Phoenix Fire,” slowly runs through. The opening melodical licks are enticing and addictive, and as the gallop truly hits its stride the listener is transported into another realm.

“Eye Of The Storm,” gets the stop and go movement going. It lumbers through the turnpike and breeds another sense of energy and chaos.

“Warrior,” runs and turns, breeding new life into the darkness. Slowly it runs through the shires of time and space.

The album is out on 11th June.