“Live Dates Live,” by Wishbone Ash


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The King Will Come,” opens up Live Dates live just as it did fifty years ago when Wishbone Ash recorded their seminal live album Live Dates. As always there is a sense of anticipation and belief, something stranded through the tide of time. A buttress to the scene of chaos. Brilliantly executed.

“Throw Down The Sword,” is as epic as ever. Chasing the elements of time and brimming with furtive glances throughout the windswept notion of time.

“Ballad of The Beacon,” turns the tide, brimming with interest and confidence. A song that throws through the majestic land of time.

“The Pilgrim,” runs through the settled nature of time and tide. A song that breathes the light-fest of emotion.

“Jailbait,” gets the groove going, swarming through the mildew and pressurising the atmosphere for time.

“Phoenix,” brings the fever and the growth. A song that is epic in its entirety, and delves within the human psyche for something more. A fitting finale.

The album is out on 29th September via Steamhammer.