‘Never Say Die’ by Wig Wam


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Second Crusade,” is bombastic and pompous and sets the tone perfectly.

“Never Say Die,” hits the listener right in the gut. The riffs are fantastic, the melodies are on point and the listener is hooked.

“Shadows of Eternity,” runs the gamut. Pushing the boundaries of acceptability to their upper limit, it moves with swagger and grace. Hinting at the direction of the future.

“Dirty Little Secrets,” runs hard, turning and burning through with a wild child sense of ease and disposition. Bringing things forward to turn the world inside out.

“Northbound,” runs hard, smashing down the doors, pressing in on all sides and then letting loose.

“Silver Lining,” finishes things off, with an easy twist and turn, something that shifts the balances of power ever so slightly, allowing the listener some space to breath before unleashing all hell.

The album is out on 22nd January via Frontiers Music.