‘Outbreak’ Wicked Sensation


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Starbreaker,” is an absolute ripper of a song. Immediately capturing the listener’s attention and driving the day. Pushing through the limits of time and hitting the whirlwind.

“Light In The Dark,” wraps itself around, burning through the chaos. Turning things into something unknown, passionately carving itself into the wonder.

“Breaking Away,” saunters and turns, hitting something refreshing and chaotic at the same time.

“Hide Away,” shimmers and turns. A song that gallops and swaggers with energy and passion. Turning through the focus and bringing down the chaos of the whirlwind.

“Step Into The Light,” hits the big time, bringing the guns out and unleashing chaos. Shattering illusions and stepping up big time. A fitting finale.

The album is out on 17th December via ROAR.