‘Kin’ by Whitechapel


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“I Will Find You,” starts off with an impressive exchange between the light and the dark. Slowly shifting through a turnaround that grows with every passing moment.

“A Bloodsoaked Symphony,” snaps hard, bringing through the twisting turnaround, a song that enlightens and then pushes toward completion.

“The Ones That Made Us,” snaps and crackles, hitting the stream with a severance of might and flight.

“To The Wolves,” batters the doors down, and immediately captures the cacophony of the mind. A song that slowly unravels whilst bringing together anger and rage.

“Without You,” allows melody to sweep forth.

“Kin,” growls out the complexities. Turning the whirlwind into a frenetic portion of time.

The album is out on 29th October via Metal Blade Records.