“.59,” starts things off with a heartbeat machine running at full throttle before leading into “Savior,” which is a gruelling snaking song that takes turns here and there, before sneaking in a quick turn and drop. “Dragon’s Fire,” is interesting, it shifts and changes with melodical supremacy before adopting a hardened edge. “Guillotine,” has some seriously fast riffs and an interesting melody that shifts this way and that. “Fat Lady,” takes a haunting turn with the female led vocals in the beginning before shifting into overdrive.

“The Pair,” is slow, melancholic and dark. With some quick thinking and a hardened edge it takes things further. “Colors,” is haunting and slow moving, with an eerie melody. “Tides,” breaks some serious backs with a thundering riff and an enchanting melody. “The End Of Beginning,” is haunting, ethereal and dark, heavy filled with riffs that distort the melodies.

The album is out on 24th May.