“Set The Stage Alight,” comes in fast and heavy, producing some absolutely spell binding guitar work and some impressive vocals. “Liar,” a rocker and a groover, with some serious movement to it. “Take That Bottle.” shimmers and shakes. “One Night Stand,” a classic. “Mad Mad World,” a rocker, with some awesome guitar work. “Midnight Satisfaction,” fast paced a rocker and a groover, with some snarling vocal work.

“Bad Love,” a song that captures the imagination and delivers something truly spell binding. “Olivia,” starts softly and gets gradually heavier and heavier. “Remote Control,” filled with swagger. “Light Of The World,” a song producing interesting changes and shifts. “Killer Instinct,” another song that produces some fascinating chases and tails. “Things You Do,” a classic seventies rocker.

The album is out on November 30th.