‘Cocaine And Other Good Stuff’ by Warrior Soul


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Let The Good Times Roll

  • Cocaine

  • Cross Town Traffic

  • Cold Gin

  • DOA

  • Elected

  • Outlaw

  • Firehouse

  • Get Down Tonight

  • American Band

  • Livin’ After Midnight

“Let The Good Times Roll,”kicks off this album of covers, it gets things going and brings about some seriously catchy grooves to a modern generation. Something that “Cocaine,” also does. The vocals on this song are simply excellent. “Cold Gin,” brings about some serious riffage and reminds the listener of just how catchy the song is. “DOA,” serves as a fitting tribute to Eddie Van Halen, and is sure to get people moving and shaking when they hear it.

“Outlaw,” gets things in like a battering ram, somersaulting through the turnstile. “Firehouse,” another classic song that gets the heart pumping, racing and turning into something new.

“American Band,” and “Livin’ After Midnight,” finish things off in grand style.

This album is out on 13th November via Livewire/ Cargo Records.