Following on from the release of their E.P. earlier this year, Warm Rain are back into business with their new album.

“Fading Star,” is haunting and dangling, filled with interesting melodies that drive home a surreal atmosphere and ensure the listener is hooked. “Absent Friends,” has some very nice melodical framing, ensuring that the listener does not get sidetracked and instead is fully submerged in the process unfolding before them. “Running Out Of Time,” is quite haunting, the clock ticking sets the scene very nicely, and ensures that the listener knows just what to expect. “Alone In Silent Harmony,” is eerie and filled with some fascinating melodies. “I Should Be Seeing Stars By Now,” is another eerie song that combines different elements of the psychedelic to ensure that the listener feels comfortable diving into the measurements. “New Dawn,” sounds as if it came off Pink Floyd’s record collection, and that is a high compliment, ensuring the melodies weave in and out, and the vocals are set at the right frequency. “Metamorphosis,” is driving and fluctuating. “Here Comes The Rain Again,” turns things one way and then another, twisting and shifting through the stratosphere.

“A Hundred Miles High,” is dreamy, shifting and turning through the winds before reaching an interesting conclusion. “Live The Dream,” is haunting and psychedelic, never quite stopping but never quite filtering out. “Free Now,” has a haunting element to it, that ensures the listener is truly caught up in the moment. “Flying Dreams,” is definitely another haunting song that feeds well into the reprise of “Absent Friends,” “Luminous Star,” is haunting and shifting filled with all sorts of feelings and twists right into the moment. “Equilibrium,” sets the tone nicely, and ensures the listener is hooked from the get go.

The album is out on 7th June via Rain Recordings.