‘Waiting For Monday’ by Waiting For Monday


  • Rudy Cardenas / Vocals

  • August Zadra / Guitar and Vocals

  • Walter Ino / Guitar and Vocals

  • Eric Baines / Bass

  • Joe Travers/ Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Until The Dawn

  • End Of A Dream

  • Shattered Lives

  • Found You Now

  • Right In Front Of You

  • Must Have Been

  • Pick Your Lies

  • Inside Her Head

  • Make It Better

  • Love You Forever

  • One More Round

  • Found You Now (Acoustic Version)

“Until The Dawn,” kicks off this album with a solid one two. The riffs are on point, the melodies are sharp, and the band sound as if they’ve been going for decades, which is a testament to how well they gel together given that they’ve been going for only a few years now.

“End Of A Dream.” is acoustic and melodic, slowly shifting the turn and space of the conversation into something new and refreshing.

“Shattered Lives,” goes for the dark melodical pathway and encourages thoughtful reflection.

“Found You Now,” is bold and bright. The piano leads the charge.

“Right In Front Of You,” is energetic and fast paced. Leading the charge and encouraging you all to follow.

“Must Have Been,” is questioning and searching. The guitars lend themselves well to the thought process.

“Pick Her Lies,” is aggressive and soul searching. With just a hint of irony thrown in for good measure as well.

“Inside Your Head,” rolls in hard and fast, slowly bringing things to the boil. The listener can’t help but move to the beat.

“Make It Better,” is hard hitting and thoughtful. Truly engaged in the musings of the world.

“Love You Forever,” is soulful and bluesy, engaged in that direct art of getting right to the heart of the matter.

“One More Round,” finishes things off with a flourish.

The album is out on 14th February via Frontiers Music.