‘Retransmission’ by W.E.T.


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Big Boys Don’t Cry,” hits an interesting note. Subtle, thoughtful and powerful. Concluding through the darkened world of time.

“The Moment of Truth,” rams the doors home, slamming them through and engaging in a powerful shifting stance.

“Beautiful Game,” runs the gamut. It brings the world into a whirlpool and turns the world upside down just to find the perfect balance.

“How Far To Babylon,” roars and soars. It produces something seriously magical and captures the spirit of the band and the times.

“How Do I Know,” runs hard, and turns through, pressing the interests of the world into a tiny concoction which it unleashes with strength and grit.

“One Final Kiss,” finishes things off with a send off fit for a King.

The album is out on 22nd January via Frontiers Music.