‘The Lost Machine: Live’ by Voivod


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Post Society

  • Psychic Vacuum

  • Obsolete Beings

  • The Prow

  • Iconspiracy

  • Into My Hypercube

  • The End of Dormancy

  • Overreaction

  • Always Moving

  • Fall

  • The Lost Machine

  • Astronomy Domine

  • Voivod

Voivod, the metal legends return with a brand new album that is sure to set souls on fire, especially as it is a live album.

“Post Society,” starts things off, it is a roaring and crescending opener of a song that truly sets the mood for proceedings. “Psychic Vacuum,” rolls with the punches, pushing through the turnstile and delivering something uproarious. “Obsolete Beings,” is a riff machine, it pounds through the strategic course and unleashes the barriers of time. “The Prow,” slashes through the timescape, delivering something seriously evil.

“Fall,” slams and slithers, turning the screws on what can and cannot be. A song for the ages. “The Lost Machine,” works up a sweat, smashing down the turnpike and producing something quite complete. “Astronomy Domine,” haunts the edges of time and space, bringing together a complete collection of insanity. “Voivod,” finishes things off with a bang.

The album is out on 27th November via Century Media