‘Pirates II: Armada,” by Visions of Atlantis


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“To Those Who Choose To Fight,” is a rousing opening, a song that gets behind the eyes and buries itself within the streams of consciousness.

“The Land Of The Free,” moves with certainty and rectitude, a song that collectivises and temperamises the solar system and the contemporary movement.

“Tonight I’m Alive,” has a swagger to it, moving with the beat and turning the tides and the chimes, bringing the collective purchase through.

“The Dead Of The Sea,” shimmers and shifts, a song that collectivises the twisting patterns of the world. Bringing passion and pride.

“Hellfire,” fulfils the bombastic quota, moving with the swaying breeze and captivating the enchanting world of time.

“Magic Of The Night,” shimmers to the turning portion of time, a song that leavens the easy blow and brings the chaos.

“Where The Sky and Ocean Blend,” is pure poetry in motion, a song that captivates and enchants. It soars through the tempest, delivering something close to perfection.

The album is out now via Napalm Records.