‘A Symphonic Journey To Remember’ by Visions Of Atlantis


  • Clémentine Delauney / Vocals

  • Michele Guaitoli / Vocals

  • Christian Douscha / Guitar

  • Thomas Caser / Drums

  • Herbert Glos / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Intro

  • The Deep and the Dark

  • New Dawn

  • Ritual Night

  • Lost

  • The Last Home

  • Memento

  • Release My Symphony

  • Words Of War

  • Heroes Of The Dawn

  • Wanderers

  • Seven Seas

  • A Journey To Remember

  • The Grand Illusion

  • Nothing Lasts Forever

  • Passing Dead End

  • Return To Lemuria

Visions of Atlantis with the Bohemian Symphonic Orchestra? What’s not to love!

“The Deep and The Dark,” kicks things off. It soars and crescends into being. A song that twists the screws through the turnstiles and delivers something powerful and impressive. “New Dawn,” follows up on that with a blistering one-two punch that really gets the audience going. You can feel their power and patience and their desire for more to come tumbling down. “Ritual Night,” is another song that haunts the periphery. Slowly carving a pathway into the world through exquisite melodies and powerful twists of phrase.

“Heroes Of The Dawn,” is anthemic. It is soulful, boundful and powerful. A song that truly gets the crowd going, the band are pumped up as well, you can hear it in the way the vocals come out and the way the tempo alters slightly as things move. “Wanderers,” slows things down and gets thoughtful. Slowly shimmering down the pathway and toward something a little more thoughtful and dark. “A Journey To Remember,” flaunts the sky, turning into a heavy ode to the world. A song that delivers on its promises and pushes for more.

“Nothing Lasts Forever,” starts the finale of the record and boy is it a good one. Thoughtful, energetic and bursting with energy. “Passing Dead End,” hits hard and fast. “Return To Lemuria,” finishes things off with a flourish. Swooping in to capture the listener and take them on a fascinating heart racing journey.

The album is out on 30th October via Napalm Records.