‘Conqueror’s Oath’ by Visigoth


  • Jake Rogers / Vocals

  • Leeland Campana / Guitar

  • Jamison Palmer / Guitars

  • Matt Brotherton / Bass

  • Mikey T / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Steel and Silver

  • Warrior Queen

  • Outlive Them All

  • Hammerforged

  • Traitor’s Gate

  • Salt City

  • Blades In The Night

  • The Conqueror’s Oath

Visigoth, the name itself invokes images of hardened warriors fighting in the humid land of Hispania, fighting off invaders and each other. The band’s style and lyrical content seem to fit such an image. Their debut album, released in 2015, was a great introduction, inspiring themes of fantasy and games, and now they’re back. The front cover of this album paints an accurate picture of a Warrior Queen, and enables the listener to really get to grips with is about to come.

The opening number is the anthemic ‘Steel and Silver’. With its big vocal lines, it driving rhythms, and solid guitar leads, this is a song that is meant to be played loud and live. A true metal anthem.

‘Warrior Queen,’ follows next, with big walls of guitars, hard-hitting melodies and lyrics about a bad ass warrior woman intent on bringing all to heel before her. The soft melodies in the middle, belie the hardness of the track.

‘Outlive Them All,’ is another fast number, singing praises to living and dying by the sword. Well, not quite dying, but earning glory and living through the ages.

‘Hammerforged,’ enters with harmony guitars, before moving into a clean guitar break, as vocalist Jake Rogers belts out a haunting melody. It then progresses into an absolute headbanger, continuing the epic nature of the album.

The album continues on its metal anthem cruise with ‘Traitor’s Gate,’ a song that contains heavy riffs, melodious intervals, big broad vocal lines, big choruses and an epic solo or solos to boot.

‘Salt City,’ is a rocker, a tribute to the band’s home.

‘Blades In The Night,’ and the title track, ‘Conqueror’s Oath,’ continue the charge, bringing the album to a roaring close.

With Conqueror’s Oath, Visigoth has more than made up for the three-year gap between their albums. It is filled with songs that will carve their names into metal history, and ensure that the band develops a big rapport when playing live. Get the album when it comes out on February 9th.