‘Space Ninjas From Hell’ by Victorius


  • David Babin/ Vocals

  • Florian Zack / Guitar

  • Dirk Scharsich / Guitar

  • Andreas Dockhorn/ Bass

  • Frank Koppe / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Tale Of The Sunbladers

  • Ninjas Unite

  • Super Sonic Samurai

  • Evil Wizard WuShu Master

  • Nippon Knights

  • Shuriken Showdown

  • Wasabi Warmachine

  • Wrath Of The Dragongod

  • Astral Assassin Shark Attack

  • Space Ninjas From Hell

  • Cosmic Space Commando Base

  • Shinobi Strike 3000

“Tale of the Sunbladers,” blares to life. Filled with energetic riffs and a soaring melody, the song is the perfect opener and one that is sure to get people’s hearts going.

“Ninjas Unite,” is anthemic. It contains some fascinating changes, bringing with it a slight shift in tone and temperament.

“Super Sonic Samurai,” a song that is filled with light and energy, a song that carries the day and ensures the listener is hooked.

“Evil Wizard WuShu Master,” snarls with energy and an anthemic pleasure.

“Nippon Knights,” roars into being. Developing a mixed rhythm that fascinates.

“Shuriken Showdown,” slams the ground and delivers a powerful take.

“Wasabi Warmachine,” a song that is quite sarcastic and a song that is filled with a fascinating twist.

“Wrath Of The Dragongod,” is pure Power Metal, and it is glorious!

“Astral Assassin Shark Attack,” delivers a thunderous roar, a grooving shift and a shift and take that fills a great many roles.

“Space Ninjas From Hell,” is thunderous. Heavy and orchestral it leads the way in delivering something quite soulful to the fore.

“Cosmic Space Commando Base,” slithers through the line and delivers a fascinating take.

“Shinobi Strike 3000,” snaps and pops with energy and grace.

The album is out on 17th January via Napalm Records.