‘Rise From The Flames’ by Victorius


  • John Brandon / Vocals and Lead Guitar

  • Stewart Kennedy / Guitar

  • John Gibbons / Bass

  • Ryan Shepherd / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Breaking Down The Walls

  • Silver Bullet

  • Chains Of Insanity

  • To The Death

  • Bleed For Me

  • Prepare To Rock

  • Who We Are

  • Rise From The Flames

Victorius rise from the flames to deliver some superb heavy metal.

“Breaking Down the Walls,” is Metallica and Maiden combined for something that will knock your jaw to the floor. This then feeds into “Silver Bullet,” and “Chains of Insanity,” which are insanely good songs that really push the envelope through by several notches, delivering the crushing tendaciousness that metal is known for.

“Bleed For Me,” is deceptively calm, it starts off with a calming melody before amping up the volume and unleashing complete carnage that would make Metallica proud.

Then you’ve got songs such as “Prepare To Rock,” and “Who We Are,” which get contemplative and thoughtful, meshing together different elements and melodies to really hit the key for all to see.

The album is out on 16th October, do yourself a favour and get it!