‘Dead Poetry’ by Veil of Secrets


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Last Attempt,” is the monstrous opener for Veil of Secrets new album. It shifts through the turn of the wheel, bringing together an interesting twist in the myth. “Sear The Fallen,” goes heavy on the melody, turning it into more than just a passing fancy. The song breathes in and then exhales something compelling. “Remorseful Heart,” is a thunderous giant of a song. The melodies push onward, whilst the riffs shatter all illusions.

“Bryd,” delivers some intriguing measurements. A song that reaches beyond the scaled back components of the old world, veering into a darkened room with sunlit days. “Meson,” gets going in the dark and disconnected pathway of time. Brimming with energy and furiosity, turning the world full. “Entirety,” smacks the doors down, whirring the pool and finishing things off on a high.

The album is out 30th November via Crime Records.