‘Brown Acid: The Eleventh Trip,’ by Various Artists


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Something Else by Adam Wind

  • I’ll Give You Love by Grump

  • Turtle Wax Blues by Bagshot Row

  • Diamond Lady by Larry Lynn

  • In Wyrd by Renaissance Fair

  • Mom’s Apple Pie Boy by Zendik

  • Just Can’t Say by Day Break

  • I Want You by West Minist’r

  • Dancing In The Ruin by Debb Johnson

  • Every Girl Gets One by Crazy Jerry

“Something Else,” by Adam Wind and “I’ll Give You Love,” by Grump set the tone nicely. Mixing together some seriously trippy feelings with some bombastic melodies and riffs. A powerful beginning that really switches things through the turnstile.

“In Wyrd,” by Renaissance Fair and “Mom’s Apple Pie Boy,” switches the plains through and delivers something sonically unique and crushingly modern. They hit through the wind of time and push the ladder forward ever so slightly.

The album finishes up with “Dancing In The Ruin,” by Debb Johnson and “Every Girl Gets One,” by Crazy Jerry, two songs that are frenetic and filled with life.

The album is out on 31st October via Riding Easy.