‘100 M.P.H@ 100 Club’ by Vardis


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Out Of The Way,” slams down and creaks through the shattering of time.

“Paranoia Strikes,” runs the gamut toward the definitive.

“Red Eye,” slams and turns through and runs the creeping sensation around.

“Mods & Rockers,” go through and focus on the turning of the tide.

“Shoot Straight,” lights up the turnaround, peeking through the blinds and letting loose.

“Destiny,” slams down tight and winds through the creeping shadows of the whirlwind.

“Radio Rockers,” turn and weave through, hinting at the chaotic scenario.

“The Head Of The Nail,” brings the crowd in emphatically.

“Let’s Go Again,” turns the dial full circle.

“If I Were King,” gets the groove and the focus going. A complete classic.

The album is out on 26th November via Steamhammer/SPV.