“Vaeringjar,” a monster of an opener that delivers everything it promises. A rocking riff, a snarling, and proud vocal line and a call to arms. “Svoldir,” another classic viking anthem, bringing the masses to the fore and ensuring they are brought to their feet with raucous applause. “The Final Stand,” a snortling rip cracker of a song, with some absolutely cracking melodies. “Ironside,” a tribute to the fallen, and a ode to the past and present. “Shield Wall,” another monster of a song. Bringing the halls of battle to the fore and encouraging great discussion and thought.

“Fejd,” a growing rip roaring monster of a song, destroying and decimating things as they come. “Thor,” a call to the God of Thunder, and a brutal take on the classic song of all Valhalla’s favourite son. “Bearer of the Word,” an intriguing take, with slow building melodies and a rip roaring rhythm section that challenges all preconceived notions. “Ulfhednar,” bringing the thunder and the rage, snaking through the tracks with power and grace, belting through trees and lines. “Einherjer,” a galloping rocking riff monster machine. “Gravfaerd,” a slow ominously growing, moving beast that delivers everything and more.

The album is out on 15th February, via Mighty Music. Hail the Allfather!