Metal’s premier acapella band are back, and boy are they back with a bang.

Back In The Lead starts off emphatically, bold and strident vocal melodies, and the song is a catchy one, to bring about the moving of the audience. Javelin starts with harmonisation and then moves into thunderous vocalisation of power and darkness. Trust In Rust is a quicker number, with the vocals soaring and the harmonies on point. Ride The Sky captures the song perfectly, the vocalisations of the instruments reflects their power and the soaring heart racing power of it all is captured. Melody is fast and filled with energy and power. Neverland is slower, and epic due to it, the vocals paint a story and the listener is left to fill it out.

Desert Snake snarls, growls and powers through with energy. Darkest Days slithers, and hums through to climax a powerful number. Infinity is quicker, more energised and definitely a song that will get the crowd pumped. Hells Bells is a nice little take on the classic AC/DC song delivered with flair. Heading Home is a softer, more melodic number that carries weight and precision.

The album is out August 10th via Napalm Records.