‘To The Power Of Eight’ by Van Canto


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


Van Canto, the powerful vocal group are back with a new offering.

“To The Power Of Eight,” starts things off, and immediately the listener knows that they’re in for a treat. Soaring harmonies, twisting turns and a shuffle off the complex.

“Faith Focus Finish,” turns and twists, slowly shifting the turncoats of time toward blissful connections.

“Falling Down,” is anthemic, a song that truly captures the spirit of the times and hints at more to come.

“Raise Your Horns,” gallops through, a true metal anthem that transcends through the turnscope.

“Run To The Hills,” is a unique take on a classic, a smashing power thrust through the jaws of time. A brilliantly executed song and cover.

“Thunderstruck,” is a ripper. Excellently done.

“I Want It All,” another brilliantly executed song, that adds a flourish that truly makes it Van Canto’s own.

The album is out on 4th June via Napalm Records.