‘Chaos and Colour,’ by Uriah Heep


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Save Me Tonight,” the lead single from the new Uriah Heep album kicks things off on their new album and hits all the right notes. Filled with power and aggression, a song that sheers and shines in the melody.

“Hail The Sunrise,” swarms through and takes the turn forward, a song that grows and changes within the whirlwind.

“Hurricane,” takes an eerie portent and mixes it up nicely to produce something filled with leverage and time.

“Golden Light,” hits the charm. A song that swarms through the barricades, making magic and smoke appear from the width of time.

“Fly Like An Eagle,” soars into being, turning through with the guitars and the synths hitting all the right notes.

“Closer To Your Dreams,” hits the heaviness and never lets up, a song that dominates and cascades through it all.

The album is out on 27th January via Silver Lining Music.