‘The Chosen One’ by Under A Spell


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Padurea Neagra,” kicks things off with a real whopper of a riff. It tunnels through, pressing at the edges and cascading into being. Shimmering through the line and developing something intoxicating.

“Voodoo Doll,” picks up from there and slams the world into being. The riffs are fuzzy, the vocals soar and the music is captivating. A song that truly reaches new heights.

“The Chosen One,” is the title track and it weaves its way through the whirlpool of time, pressing in on all sides, smashing down the delivery systems and pressing for the world to break free.

“Cast A Spell,” works the room, shifting and turning, brimming with confidence and light, laughing the world away.

“Atihad,” swaggers and moves.

“My Dead Life,” finishes things off with a summering and shimmer riff, with prescient power and grace.

The album is out on February 19th.