‘Game Over’ by U.D.O.


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Fear Detector,” starts things off, a song that gets the melody just right. Allowing the guitars to sing and breathe whilst allowing the maestro to get to work.

“Prophecy,” runs through. A song that gallops and charges. Turning the ground into dust before it. A song to captivate all.

“I See Red,” is a riffer. A song that really gets the head moving and the foot tapping.

“Kids and Guns,” snarls and bites.

“Unbroken,” slams down, a song that twists through the whirlwind and gets the listener nodding along. A song that truly grows and flies.

“Thunder Road,” gallops and swaggers. Groove entices it all.

“Midnight Stranger,” slams down hard. A song that really gets the goat.

The album is out on 8th October