“The Arrival,” comes in with a massive sweeping orchestral arrangement slipping through the net and bringing some fascinating changes into the mix. “Of Legions Of Eternity,” is a galloping mesh of chaos and frantic energy. It growls like a monster from the depths of hell. “Rise of Chaos,” comes in with some sweeping melodies and an interesting change here and there. It continues driving the point and never quite turning or switching. “The Almighty,” ranges in from the beginning. Turning and twisting like a knife into the dark, producing something fantastic. “No Hope,” rages with brutality, turning and twisting inside out, and ensuring the listener is hooked from the get. “The Commander Of Death,” brings about some fascinating changes, a turn here, a twist there, a nice little hook thrown in for comfort as well.

“Mountains Of Madness,” comes veering in with a twist and a turn, producing something quite interesting. A Darkness within and without but a never changing sense of chaos. “Dehumanisation,” a song that produces some fascinating guitar work, smashing through the edges and turning the tint dark. “Freedoms Call,” a raging monster of a song that smashes through boundaries. “Living Corpses,” a raging fire burning bright and destroying through the engines. “Implore The Reaper,” ventures into a darkened state, and emerges with chaos unfolded. “Humanity’s End,” another ripper of a song.

The album is out on June 22nd, via MTAF Records.