‘Tygers of Pan Tang’ by Tygers of Pan Tang


  • Jacopo Meille / Vocals

  • Robb Weir / Guitar

  • Micky Crystal / Guitar

  • Gavin Gray / Bass

  • Craig Ellis / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Only The Brave

  • Dust

  • Glad Rags

  • The Reason Why

  • Never Give In

  • Do It Again

  • I Got The Music In Me

  • Praying For A Miracle

  • Blood Red Sky

  • Angel In Disguise

  • The Devil You Know

Tygers of Pan Tang are an institution unto themselves. Founded in the late 1970s during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement, they inspired bands such as Metallica, Megadeth and Kreator, and they helped shape a genre to the point that many popular artists were inspired to get into heavy metal, a genre often derided by the mainstream. During the 1980s, the band released albums that debuted in the top forty in Britain on a consistent basis. After a brief hiatus, they returned at the turn of the century and continued their success, releasing more albums of high quality material. Their new album the self-titled Tygers of Pan Tang, is their eleventh album, and with the cover of the album being a tiger growling over the world, their mission is clear.

The album contains eleven songs, and the first song on the record is ‘Only The Brave’ the opening track starts off with a fast galloping riff that reminds the listener of a previous fast riffer called Tyger Bay. ‘Only The Brave’ is a clear mission statement from the band, showing that they are out to set the pace for the record and they are going to take the listener on a long journey through rock and metal. #

This is shown clearly by the second song on the record ‘Dust’ with a chugging riff throughout the song and soaring vocals, ‘Dust’ will definitely become a crowd favourite at the band’s live shows.

We then move into real old school rocker that brings up echoes of AC/DC and Free. ‘Glad Rags’ seems to be about having a good time and enjoying life, a song needed in these dark times for sure.

The middle part of the album contains some of the finest tracks that Tygers have produced.

‘The Reason Why’ is a ballad that brings with it a great lead part, thought provoking lyrics, heavy build up that would make James Hetfield smile and a roaring solo and conclusion. This will definitely be a live favourite.

‘Never Give In’ delivers a solid one-two punch to the listener with its solid riffs and relentless drum beat, another potential live hit.

‘Do It Again’ is a rocker, this is apparent from the moment the song starts, a fist pumping riff, a call to arms in celebration of the young of the seventies and the heyday of rock and roll.

Tygers of Pan Tang hit the charts with their cover of ‘Love Potion No 9’ back in the seventies, and now they’ve turned to another cover. This time of the hit ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ taking the swagger of the original and giving it a rocking vibe, the band really excel on this track, proving that everything really does sound better heavier.

The final third of the album has some roaring closers on it. “Praying For A Miracle’ is a ballad but also a song with some memorable hooks and heaviness in it.

‘Blood Red Sky’ is perhaps the heaviest song Tygers have done to date, haunting opening, heavy verse and chorus riffs and soaring vocals, make this the stand out track on the record.

‘Angel in Disguise’ is a acoustic piece with some interesting guitar work.

The final track ‘The Devil You Know’ has like the rest of the album a pronounced riff, a leading hook and a brilliant vocal line. It has some definite swagger.

All in all this album is great album and a definite favourite, it will be a classic with many memorable songs that should definitely be in the setlist.