‘Bloodlines,’ by Tygers Of Pan Tang


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


Tygers of Pan Tang , heavy metal legends and the forerunners of the NWOBHM are releasing their new album Bloodlines on 5th May, and over here at The Median Man, we’ve been privileged enough to get a sneak peek.

“Edge Of The World,” the dark and fiery opener perfectly captures the moment. A powerful melody, a driving riff, and a vocal hook to make the gods cry. The song has it all and ensures that you are left wanting more. The blood is up.

“Fire On The Horizon,” gets the goat by the horns and never lets go. It is full throttle, hitting all the right notes and giving the listener an addictive taste of what’s to come. The band are on fire throughout.

“Back For Good,” keeps the energy going. A thundering bass line and a solid one-two on the guitars sets the scene nicely for vocalist Jack Meille to really let loose.

“Kiss The Sky,” is ferocious and powerful. A song that gets the groove and the pace right. The band sound tight and the listener is immediately hooked.

“A New Heartbeat,” set the scene in late 2022 for the album and as ever it drives and pushes the listener to new heights.

“Making All The Rules,” is the finale of the album and it is simply epic. A pulsating rhythm, a ferocious vocal melody, and a driving riff. Pushing everything to the limit

Bloodlines is out on 5th May via Mighty Music. Do yourself a favour and get the album!