‘Ambush’ by Tygers of Pan Tang


  • Jacopo Meille / Vocals

  • Robb Weir / Guitar

  • Dean Robertson / Guitar

  • Gav Gray / Bass

  • Craig Ellis / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Keeping Me Alive

  • These Eyes

  • One Of A Kind

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream

  • She

  • Man On Fire

  • Play To Win

  • Burning Desire

  • Hey Suzie

  • Mr Indispensable

  • Speed

  • Cruel Hands Of Time

  • Keeping Me Alive (Live)

  • These Eyes (Live)

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream (Demo)

Tygers of Pan Tang found their rhythm on 2012’s Ambush, and the reissue which is due on 18th September allows the listener to really delve into what the band were trying to achieve, and what they did achieve.

“Keeping Me Alive,” starts off softly, before the guitars come raging in and the speed kicks up several gears. The melody and the power in this song is strong, and as such helps set the tone for what is to follow. An absolute rager.

“These Eyes,” another rocker, that keeps going on the staccato based riffage. A song that rolls in and out of time before finishing with a big flourish.

“One Of A Kind,” rolls with the punches, turning the knife in and out before unleashing chaos.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream,” is a riffer. The main riff of the song carries it through, delivering something quite phenomenal, whilst the vocals and the rest of the band take things to new heights.

“She,” a rolling sensation. A song built on the back of some serious riffage and a driving rhythm, that enables the listener to really get engrossed.

“Man On Fire,” soars into being. The opening vocal line is simply out of this world. The guitars that back up this section are something else as well. You can tell the band have found their rhythm and are soaring.

“Play To Win,” gets the blood pumping. Filled with energy and passion, a song that whirls with the thunder and takes a serious turn through.

“Burning Desire,” slows things down. The instrumentation necessitates some reflection, but the build up to the heaviness is something else entirely. A song that shows off just how good the Tygers are.

“Hey Suzie,” is a rocker, filled with swagger, a song that really captures the passion of the band and the way in which they’ve been able to capture a single moment and make it theirs.

“Mr Indispensable,” has a hook and a half. A song that has such a catchy riff its sure to get people dancing, and the way the vocal melodies weave themselves through the song, you know that it will.

“Speed,” another absolute riffer of a song. One that captures the imagination and then runs away with it. Superbly executed.

“Cruel Hands Of Time,” is a studio outtake and a rare unreleased song that moves with energy and passion, showing off where the band are.

Following that are two live versions of “Keeping Me Alive,” and “These Eyes,” as well as a demo of “Rock and Roll Dream.” This was truly a masterpiece of an album.

Do yourself a favour and get this reissue when it is released on 18th September via Mighty Music.