‘Where The Gloom Becomes The Sound’ by Tribulation


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“In Remembrance,” sets the tone. Thoughtful, reminiscent and purposeful.

“Hour Of The Wolf,” hits upon something new here. A song that delivers a true push into the world of time and space, slashing through the terrifying cacophony of the world.

“Lethe,” slows things down, brimming with confidence and change. Showing off the deepest darkest moments of the world for a time well spent.

“Inanna,” whirls through the cacophony of sound, brimming with time immemorial and slanting the words of patience and rage throughout.

“The Wilderness,” is the darkened finisher. A song that captures the spirit of the time and ensures the listener knows where to finish the pressing of the tide.

The album is out on January 29th via Century Media