The classic power metal Brazillians return with their new album History. An album filled with hooks and sheer insanity.

“Prelude,” is haunting and lends itself well to the introduction of an album that promises much. “History,” the title track starts off with a haunting edge before shredding into being, the melodies are on fire and the guitars shred their way through into ultimate being. “Lullaby,” takes an interesting step, with the power driving rhythm, before shifting a tone with a touch here and there. It turns and twists brilliantly. “Guardians Of Time,” is truly haunting, shifting with a mighty blast, it produces some fascinating content. “The Land Of The Rising Sun,” is completely insane. Shredding, galloping and pure energy guides the band through into something magical. “Innocence,” beats the crap out of the listener, twisting and changing things for the good and the bad.

“Lonely Rain,” takes an interesting turn here. It shifts through the melodies with great space and patience, and gradually gets heavier before moving into complete overdrive. “Revolution Has Begun,” leads the shredding madness, bringing some fascinating concepts to light. “Seize The Day,” leads through portions and melodies, bringing some fascinating changes through. “Turn Back The Night,” is simply epic. It produces a masterpiece that brings change and light through the dawn and ensures the listener is hooked. “Thousand Tears,” demonstrates pure epicness in terms of the vocal abilities. “Learn To Fly,” is a shred fest.

This beauty of a record is out on 5th July via Rock of Angels Records.