Transport League - A Million Volt Scream (album...

“A Million Volt Scream,” starts things off with a solid thump, bringing the listener right into the move. “1200 Goddamned,” is another electric performance that takes charge and drives right into the heart of the matter. “Monster Human,” drives things through, slowly and then with gradual speed increases until it turns into an absolute rager. “Dawn Of Lucifer,” takes things up another notch to twist and turn the spectre. “Vultures,” is another boomer and shaker.

“Vanished Empire,” takes things up to ten and then hits another a thousand percent. “Facedown Bondage,” rattles cages, and delivers a kicking to the teeth. “Slave In Orbit,” takes the time to build a groove, before it slowly twists the knife in considerably. “Creature Grunts,” is another savage display of intent that veers one way and then the next with great force. “Rabid Horizon,” is energy filled and chaotic.

The album is out on 6th September via Mighty Music