United Corporations of America starts things off, barrelling into life with a solid riff, the edges of the melodies are there for all to see, producing one head banging tune after another, a solid commentary on the social state of the biggest nation on the world. Just You And Me is a song and a dance, a vocal duet between two lovers breaking up over the social media world, an interesting take, mixed with heaviness and grit. Punch Life In The Face is slower, more thoughtful, more of a serenade than an outright rocket to the face. Nothing But A Lie delivers another stunning sermon on the back of a massive riff, and a shove in the face. Stain of Mind is a rocker, driving through on a pulsating groove and message. She is another gallop and middle finger to how things progress within the social media world.

Pretend is a jaunt, shivering between two opposite poles, and enticing the listener to think beyond their normal processes, to ensure that a conversation is had about the strains of social media on the person. Miss Me is a sermon on the mount delivered with ferocity and a crushing riff. Take A Bullet Not A Selfie ridicules the strange culture of selfies we have today, on the back of a sharp riff, and biting social commentary. Eleanor Rigby is a metal cover of a classic Beatles song, enlightening and brilliant. #Socialvangelism is an interesting number, shifting and turning as it does, bringing social commentary to the fore, whilst spitting out bars.

The album is out on 18th September via Sliptrick Records.