‘Sepulchral Demons’ by Toxik Death


  • Henning Haugland / Vocals

  • Anders Waage / Guitar

  • Tore Vik / Guitar

  • Espen Haukelid / Bass

  • Jacob Yttredal / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Sepulchral Demons

  • Savage Nights

  • Malicious Assassins

  • Sadistic Sorcery

  • Morbid Divination

  • Incantation of Annihilation

  • Undead Vengeance

“Sepulchral Demons,”the title track of the new album by Toxik Death is everything you expect. Hard hitting, fierce and most definitively engaging. It is a song that will get mosh pits started when live music returns.

“Savage Nights,” continues the trend started in track number 1. It roars to life and burns with intensity and passion.

“Malicious Assassin,” snarls through the turnstile. The riffs are reminiscent of Metallica, but the feel is all unique.

“Sadistic Sorcery,” hits hard. A song that bounds through the limitations of life and sets the stage on fire.

“Morbid Divination,” crackles with electricity, hitting a turnstile and pushing the roof through.

“Incantation of Annihilation,” snarls through the twisting strands of time. The riffs are relentless.

“Undead Vengeance,” smacks the listener in the face and grabs a hold of them and never lets go.

The album is out on 21st August via High Roller Records.