‘Andro’ by Tommy Lee


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Knock Me Down (feat. Killvein)

  • You Dancy (feat. Lukas Rossi)

  • Ain’t Telling Me Nothing (feat.PAV4N)

  • Soma Coma (feat. Shotty Horroh)

  • When You Were Mine (feat. Lukas Rossi)

  • Hot Fudge Sundae (feat. Josh Todd)

  • Caviar On A Paper Plate (feat.Mickey Avalon)

  • Leave Me Alone (feat. Killvein)

  • Demon Bitches (feat. Brooke Candy and Moonbounce)

  • P.R.E.T.T.Y (feat. King Elle Noir)

  • Tops (feat. Push Push)

  • Make This Storm (feat. King Elle Noir)

  • Make It Back (feat. PLYA)

Tommy Lee , rock god, drummer extraordinaire is back with a new album entitled Andro and boy does it punch.

“Knock Me Down,” spits bars and delivers something angry and filled with passion. A great way to start the album and a way to really hit things. “You Dancy,” moves through the twisting spires and floats off into a world of something new and seductive. “Ain’t Telling Me Nothing,” slaps down hard. Pushing things into the extremis and delivering something fascinating and terrifying.

“Caviar On A Paper Plate,” swans around and delivers a mocking one-two salute to the world. “Leave Me Alone,” pushes through the strains of time and delivers something intriguing and intoxicating. “Demon Bitches,” takes the world to a new and terrifying place, swanning through the world and pushing the world into destruction.

“Tops,” hits the ground running, slowly moving through the catacombs of the human mind in a whirlwind of sonnets and emotion. “Make This Storm,” takes a different approach, slowly shifting through the temperature gauze until it swans through the world. “Make It Back,” twists the screws and finishes through the tumultuous process.

The album is a fascinating exploration of time and space and is out on October 16th.