‘First Strike Of Steel’ by Toledo Steel


  • Rich Rutter / Vocals

  • Tom Potter / Guitar

  • Matt Dobson / Drums

  • Felix Dock / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Alcatraz

  • Flames Arise

  • Black Widow

  • Zero Hour

  • Fallen Empire

  • City Lights

  • Children Of The Sun

  • Speed Killer

  • Toledo Steel

“Alcatraz,”opens things up with a ferocious riff and a speeding rhythm. The song comes together quite nicely as things progress and shows the Toledo Steel spirit.

“Flames Arise,” has a nice bit of swagger to it, sauntering through the line and delivering some interesting shifts and turns.

“Black Widow,” goes down the route of darkness and strife. A song that hints towards different direction for Toledo Steel.

“Zero Hour,” is menacing and complicated. A song that veers one way and then another.

“Fallen Empire,” goes big and drives toward the light. Toledo Steel definitely haven’t stopped short here.

“City Lights,” snarls through and brings together an enticing attitude of swagger and grace. A song filled with riffs for days.

“Children Of The Sun,” is epic, simply put. There’s so much going on within the song that it melds together very nicely and delivers a performance fit for a King.

“Speed Killer,” roars into being delivering some sharpish riffs.

“Toledo Steel,” comes galloping into being, turning out of the gate and smashing through any and all boundaries.

The album is out on 15th May via Dissonance Productions.