‘No Quarter’ by Toledo Steel


  • Rich Rutter / Vocals

  • Tom Potter / Guitar

  • Josh Haysom / Guitar

  • David Lovell / Bass

  • Matt Dobson / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Behold The Machine

  • No Quarter

  • Cemetery Lake

  • Visions In The Fire

  • Sight Of The Sniper

  • Rock Nights

  • Heavy Metal Headache

  • When The Night Draws In

Toledo Steel are one of the hottest bands in the British Metal scene today alongside Seven Sisters, and after years of hard graft, their debut album is finally here.

It starts strongly with “Behold The Machine,” a thumping masterpiece of guitar licks and eastern influences, the song is classic metal. A driving rhythm keeps things hot and tidy during the song as vocalist Richard Rutter bellows his heart out. A solid start.

“No Quarter,” is a big number, the driving riffs set the scene quite nicely,  the lead lick over the main riff creates the sense that this is going to be another epic number. The vocals are precise and hair raising, Rutter really shines through on this song.

“Cemetery Lake,” is epic, big fat riffs, and a pounding rhythm that keeps things going, the song takes the listener on a very interesting journey that includes some very nice interplay from Tom Potter and Josh Haysom, the guitarists.

“Visions In The Fire,” is a slow groover, a song that kicks off with a bass lick before bringing that classic metal one-two riff that Judas Priest made famous. Another blinder of a song.

“Rock Nights,” is a grooving song, with a jagged riff, and some searing heat from the bass and drums. The vocals craft themselves quite nicely around the main riff, ensuring that the listener is given a real treat.

“Sight Of The Sniper,” is fast, the riffs are moving and shaking throughout the song, the rhythm section keeps the listener hooked and desperate to know more.

“Heavy Metal Headache,” is pounding, searing and grooving a song that will surely get the crowd singing.

“When The Night Draws In,” is furious, a song that brings big riffs, grooving rhythms, and a searing vocal line, a song that has the makings of a closer all over it.

This is a fabulous album, a real gem. Be sure to get it when it is released on June 1st via Dissonance Productions.