‘Heading For The Fire’ by Toledo Steel


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


Toledo Steel return with a fury on their new album Heading For The Fire.

“On The Loose,” immediately grabs the listener’s attention and swaggers into being with a giant jug of a riff. The vocals move with great space and time, turning through a twisting stream of power and precious energy. Grooving with strength.

“Writing’s On The Wall,” shimmers and shifts through the tempest. A song that ruptures the flow of time and space, bringing a solid groove to the fore and hinting at the chaos to come within.

“No Time To Lose,” is furious. All energy and guts. Splintering out into the darkness of time and space. It hits the soldiers on the face and burns with righteous fury.

“Rituals By The Firelight,” is simply epic. The guitars, the melodies, the turnaround, it hits the right note. Everything is done just perfectly. Excellently done.

“Last Rites,” is the grand finale. A song that breathes with energy and fury. Turning through the twisting knots of time and space, developing something frenetic and chaotic. An energiser just when most bands would be slowing down. It quickens the rate of time.

The album is out on 22nd October via Cherry Red Records. Make sure you get it!