‘Dark Revolution’ by Tokyo Blade


  • Alan Marsh / Vocals

  • Andy Boulton / Guitar

  • John Wiggins / Guitar

  • Andy Wrighton / Bass

  • Steve Pierce / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Story Of A Nobody

  • Burning Rain

  • Dark Revolution

  • The Fastest Gun In Town

  • Truth Is A Hunter

  • Crack In The Glass

  • Perfect Enemy

  • See You Down In Hell

  • The Lights Of Soho

  • Not Lay Down And Die

  • Voices Of The Damned

Tokyo Blade, legends of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene return with a brand spanking new album entitled Dark Revolution.

“Story Of A Nobody,” is a defiant opener. The signature Tokyo Blade sound is present for all to hear. The big fat riffs, the pounding rhythms and the anthemic vocal lines all combine to ensure that this is a memorable one.

“Burning Rain,” turns the dial up several notches and brings the listener in from the cold. A song that captures the essence of the NWOBHM movement and the Tokyo Blade ethos.

“Dark Revolution,” the title track is a pounder of a song. It moves with great speed and agility through the turnstiles of time to deliver something quite effective and powerful.

“The Fastest Gun In Town,” takes things to a whole new level. It moves through stages, first there’s the blinding harmonies, then there’s the soaring vocals and finally there’s the combination that blows everyone away.

“Truth Is A Hunter,” goes in hard on the midriff, it takes time to get going but when it does it doesn’t stop.

“Crack In The Glass,” works its way through the division, pounding along at full speed.

“Perfect Enemy,” saunters through the gate, turning a phrase here, throwing a melody there. All in all it’s filled with hooks and starts.

“See You Down In Hell,” barrels into being. A song that gives the guitars something juicy to play with.

“The Lights of Soho,” tell a story. The pounding riffs, the sauntering rhythms and the soaring vocals, keep the listener hooked, as the story continues to unfold.

“Not Lay Down and Die,” is defiant. It is a statement of intent and a brilliantly timed one.

“Voices Of The Damned,” closes out proceedings quite nicely. A riff heavy song that delivers on melody and promise.

The album is out on 15th May via Dissonance Productions.