‘Rejoice In The Suffering,’ by Todd La Torre


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Dogmata,” hits hard, a riff machine that never slows done. La Torre is on fine form, with his vocals soaring within and without, pressing the edge forward.

“Hellbound and Down,” gets the gruesomeness going. A song that hits the riff machine had and fast, pushing through the growing sense of time with a fat wad of riff and melodical soaring.

“Crossroads To Insanity,” hits the template, a song that turns through the majestic growth of time. A song that pushes within the boundaries of time.

“Rejoice In The Suffering,” is the title track and it hits hard. A song that battles through the growing sense of temperament and time. A song that swerves within and without, pulsating with effectiveness.

“Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall,” is a battering ram to the forge, a song that swerves within and without, hitting the tide and producing something mystical and magical.

“Fractured,” slams down hard, hitting the right template for the chaos to unfold within and without.

“One by One,” slowly turns through and hits the reaction core of the template that dissects the hitting bullet.

The album is out on 21st April via ROAR.